IMPACT – Our vision!

Cavi·art® good taste. In more ways than one. In the kitchen our beautiful seaweed pearls contribute to the story of you being the chef who orchestrates the meal based on a passion for the sensuous, the innovative and the sustainable. Just as Cavi·art® signals that you are experimental, innovative and really want to make a difference.

In the sea, we contribute to a more intelligent, gentle and sustainable use of resources. By using Cavi·art® instead of fish roe, together we avoid consuming the next generations of fish and thus disrupting the marine ecosystem.

Thus, together, we secure the fish stocks of the future.

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About us – The story behind Cavi·art®

Told by Line Friis Frederiksen, biologist and daughter of the inventor, Jens Møller

“In 1988, our biologist father, Jens Møller, wanted to show his children an experiment in the basement. A fun one, he promised – something with seaweed.

We willingly accompanied him into the basement, knowing only too well that it was usually our father who thought the experiments were fun. We smiled indulgently, but the experiment failed – and ended up as a few small round beads. Beads of seaweed.

Yet another of Dad’s crazy experiments. Like when he was trying to invent a sail to put on bicycles and hurtled around the street with a curtain pole on the luggage rack. Or when he tried to grow herbs and it turned out to be nothing but poppies because he’d added poppy seeds to the seed mixture to thin it out.

Or when he… yes, there were many unsuccessful experiments.

A success story

But this time, failure turned into success. The week after the failed experiment, our father was helping the local anglers association to set up some large vessels for harvesting fish roe, to be hatched and released into the local fjord.

Our father was amazed how the roe resembled the small beads of seaweed from the failed experiment. He wondered whether those small beads of seaweed at home in the glass were edible. They were…

After endless experiments, many waking nights, countless “won’t you come down into the basement and help me” and not least, umpteen taste tests, he was finally able to realise his dream; to be an entrepreneur.”

Jens Møller had created Cavi·art® plant-based caviar.

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Sound values – rooted in the Jutland soil

Cavi·art® is founded by a ‘vestjyde’ (a native of western Jutland) with close connection to the Jutland soil and is still 100% family owned. These values form the basis for the company’s ethos – we focus on our local roots.

We take long-term considerations into account when planning a strategy. We work hard every single day in order to succeed. We always focus on quality and on making a difference, and we value honesty and thoughtfulness very highly. This applies both in our production and in communication with employees, customers and consumers.

We undertook a generational change in 2013 and our modern production facilities are today located in beautiful buildings in Hi-Park just outside Herning. There is plenty of greenery in the area and at the same time, a sense of drive and innovation, that inspires us on a day to day basis. We have a loyal staff, passionate about making a difference.

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Dining experiences

Inspiration for new and greater dining experiences!

With Cavi·art® it is easy to find inspiration for new and expressive recipes. Gastronomy that makes a difference and offers a sustainable alternative. At the same time, the vegan seaweed products provide a perfect starting point for engaging in deep and attitudinal conversations about nature, consumption and food trends.

Every meal should be about more than just food and satisfaction. About surprising. About impressing. And about utilising innovative methods for creating total experiences, where you get to use your senses in new ways.

We know that “decoration” can embrace much more than decorating a meal and making it visually appealing. For us, decorating food is a matter of stirring up multiple senses at the same time. With taste. With presentation. With consistency. And with aroma.

That’s why we continuously inspire you to focus on the detail. Both when you want to create that little something for your food and when you want to enhance the dish with that extra crunchiness and tasty, popping surprise.

Cavi·art® is created by people. For people.

Be inspired!