Inspiration for using Cavi·art®

Egg with Cavi·art® – seaweed caviar.

Use our seaweed caviar instead of salt on your egg. It will give the classic egg a visual boost and add crispness.

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Canapé with Cavi·art® – seaweed caviar.

Kelp caviar is ideal for all kinds of canapés and is the perfect substitute for roe. Our products are easier to work with and don’t stain as with black lumpfish.

Blinis with Cavi·art® – seaweed caviar.

On the classic starter: blinis with caviar it is easy to use our seaweed caviar as the alternative to roe. A little red onion, Cavi·art®, creme fraiche, blinis and you’re home and dry.

Blinis with Cavi·art® – kelp caviar and prawns.

A blini starter can quickly be made more interesting with prawns.

Skagenröra with Cavi·art® – seaweed caviar.

Skagenröra is a classic Swedish dressing, widely used in Swedish cuisine. Our seaweed caviar easily replaces the roe usually used in Skagenröra. It can be used with prawns, on bread, in fish dishes and much more.

Inspiration with Tosago®

Uramaki with Tosago® – seaweed caviar.

Here our orange Tosago® is used on an uramaki with salmon and tampura prawn.

The Tosago adds crispness and sweetness to the sushi.

More uramaki with seaweed caviar.

Here our black Tosago is used® on an uramaki with tuna and tampura prawn.

The Tosago adds an aesthetic dimension to the sushi in addition to the taste experience.

Sushi-art with seaweed caviar.

Here, our different versions of Tosago® are used on a work of art with various vegan sushis. Sustainability, taste and aesthetics combined in a work of art.

Sashimi with kelp caviar.

Sashimi with rice and our Tosago® products.

Inspiration with Food-Art®

Poké bowl with soya Food-art® – soya caviar.

Here, our soya pearls are used to make a poké bowl elegant and interesting.

Lemon fromage with lemon Food-art® – lemon caviar.

Lemon caviar adds a whole extra dimension to the classic lemon fromage.

Goat cheese with Serrano ham with balsamic Food-art® – balsamic caviar.

Our balsamic caviar is ideal for everything from salads, desserts to the cheese table.

Cavi·art® – inspiration for new dining experiences

With Cavi·art® it is easy to find inspiration for new and expressive recipes. Gastronomy that makes a difference and presents a sustainable alternative. The vegan seaweed products provide a perfect starting point for engaging in deep and attitudinal conversations about nature, consumption and food trends.

Here we provide you with plenty of inspiration for you to make a difference.

Forskellige Cavi-art varianter i forskellige farver og smage - et bæredygtigt og vegansk alternativ til sushien, forretten eller desserten i stedet for rogn

Cavi·art® – makes serving food more fun

With Cavi·art® it is simply more fun and more inspiring to create and serve food with exciting ingredients. Just as the decorative and tasty seaweed pearls provide you with a good story to pass on. With love from the chef.