Cavi·Art® – kelp caviar

Cavi·Art® made from seaweed is the “roe” of the future. Our products can replace all types of caviar – whether as a topping on your open sandwich or whether in industrial production, we have the solution.

We produce our seaweed caviar in Denmark at our own facilities. Cavi·Art® are plant-based alternatives to lumpfish roe, cod roe, trout roe and other types of roe.

Cavi·Art® is the environmentally conscious choice and has many other benefits:

  • The product has a long shelf life.
  • Our prices are stable and low!
  • Security of supply– we don’t run out of raw materials or products.
  • We use only natural colourants!
  • Our products do not need refrigeration or freezing.
  • We are open to product development.

Our products don’t disappoint – so choose the future – choose Cavi·Art®

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You can always contact us to get samples of our vegan and sustainable products - this is our black caviar - Cavi-art

Black seaweed caviar

Our black seaweed caviar is the perfect substitute for black lumpfish roe. It is very popular, partly because the colour doesn’t stain as is the case with lumpfish roe.

You can always contact us to get samples of our vegan and sustainable products - this is our red-salmon caviar - Cavi-art

Pink seaweed caviar

Pink Cavi-art® is the perfect substitute for cod roe in large productions, e.g. in tarama, tube caviar, spreadables…

You can always contact us to get samples of our vegan and sustainable products - this is our green caviar - Cavi-art

Wasabi seaweed caviar

Wasabi Cavi-art® has a lovely green hue and a strong taste of wasabi.

Cavi·art® for Retail

Cavi·art® is sold in 100g glass jars to supermarkets. Several of our supermarket customers have been buying the product for more than 20 years. Even before sustainability and the environment were topics of discussion, the product was good for business for the supermarkets.

The product is cheaper than lumpfish roe and gives customers a luxury experience at a reasonable price.

Contact us – for your benefit, our benefit and for the benefit of the environment.

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Cavi·art® for food service

Today, Cavi·art® is the preferred choice of “caviar” in the Danish food service. Figures from the market indicate that Cavi·art® makes up 70-80% of the roe served in Danish restaurants. Our plant-based caviar can achieve the same status of food service markets in other countries.

Because our products:

  • Are easier to use.
  • The colour doesn’t stain.
  • Have a long shelf life.
  • Are the environmentally conscious choice.
  • Can be used in more ways than caviar.
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Cavi·art® in the industry

Cavi·art® has become a popular substitute for roe/caviar in the industry. The products are a good alternative to roe as they are easy to work with, no risk of contamination, stable, cheaper and can make classic dishes vegan. Our seaweed caviar is used in tube caviar, vegan tarama, ready-made dishes and much, much more.

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Cavi·art® – the best choice – the sustainable alternative to roe

In general, less roe is being harvested. Not because there is no demand for lumpfish roe, cod roe, capelin roe etc. It is simply because there are fewer fish in the seas.

Use Cavi·art® so that together we can make an effort to preserve the fish stocks and thus fight for UN Global Goal no. 14.

Cavi·art® is the former winner of the “Best vegan luxury food item” price from PETA.

Read more about how we look after the environment!

Inspiration for using Cavi·art®

Our kelp caviar can be used creatively and not just as normal caviar. It can be used for hot dishes, in bakery products and much, much more.

See some of the delicious and creative ways in which our product is used.

Product information

Product benefits:

  • Stable at room temperature
  • Long shelf life 3 years
  • 3 months after opening
  • Colours doesn’t stain
  • Stable price
  • Security of supply

Good to know:

  • We are FSSC 22.000 certified
  • Vegan
  • Sustainable
  • Natural colourants
  • No GMOs
  • No allergens
  • Kosher

Versions of Cavi·art®

  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green w wasabi
  • Pink
  • and more

Our packaging:

  • 100g glass
  • 170g plastic unit
  • 500g plastic unit
  • 3 kg plastic bucket
  • 5 kg plastic bucket
  • 116 kg plastic barrel


  • Replaces caviar
  • In hot dishes
  • As topping
  • In salad mixes
  • In large productions
  • In spreadables