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We’re sharing our knowledge, so you can get insights about the difference that seaweed caviar makes. With our articles we put emphasis on the sustainable alternatives to caviar and masago.

How to use masago

How to use masago Masago is used on a large scale within the food industry, where it is often used to add [...]

Kelp caviar: What is it?

Kelp caviar - What is it? Kelp caviar is a beautiful and delicious food high in vitamins and minerals. A plant-based sustainable food you [...]

Roe vs. caviar

Roe vs caviar What is roe and what is caviar? Are there any differences besides the name? Yes, there is. Both are fish eggs [...]

What is masago?

What is Masago? Masago is a very popular ingredient coming from the roe of capelin. Capelin belongs to the smelt family and the masago [...]