Cavi·art® – sustainable seaweed caviar

We love our seaweed caviar products. Delicious pearls, that pop crisply on the tongue and are made from sustainable harvested seaweed.

Cavi·art® – is plant-based caviar that can replace lumpfish roe, cod roe, salmon roe and other roe products.

Tosago® – produced as a sustainable plant-based substitute for masago and tobiko – designed for sushi and poké bowl.

Food·art® – seaweed pearls that are totally unlike anything you have tried before. These are beautiful pearls of seaweed, that pop on the tongue.

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Sushi innovation - with kelp caviar

Cavi·art® – kelp caviar

Cavi·art® is the perfect substitute for roe, for example lumpfish roe. Our products look amazing, are wonderfully crisp and taste delicious.

Cavi·art® is the environmental choice – our vegan seaweed caviar is the alternative to roe, which can help the fish stocks to survive.

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Tosago® – seaweed caviar designed for sushi

Tosago® is created as a sustainable plant-based alternative to masago and tobiko designed for sushi.
Roll your rice in our specially designed kelp pearls – and impress with the surprising and sustainable choice.

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Beautiful pearls of seaweed, that pop on the tongue with a variety of flavours such as lemon, strawberry or balsamic.

Step into a universe of tastes and experiences.

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What is seaweed caviar and why use it?

Seaweed caviar is a plant-based alternative to different types of caviar. Our kelp caviar can replace lumpfish roe, trout roe, salmon roe, cod roe and more. We call our product Cavi·art®. Whether at the food factory or in the restaurant, our products are the solution.

Cavi·art® is produced in Denmark at our own facilities using sustainably harvested seaweed.

Seaweed caviar is the “roe” of the future – we must protect the biomass in the sea!

Now that kelp caviar is here – caviar is no longer necessary.

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We are fighting for the UN’s Global Goal no. 14