Product development and Innovation with seaweed pearls

Cavi·art® is all about making a difference. For you, your business and your customers. That is why we are always ready to get involved in innovative projects. And to support your product development with all our knowledge, insight and passion.

The path from concept to testing and finished product of the highest quality is both short and flexible. Quite simply because our development laboratory and production are located side by side at our address in Denmark. It provides a dynamic and agile collaboration, where new ideas, suggestions and adjustments can be realised very quickly.

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Passion for innovation

Every strong relationship is based on mutual commitment and mutual trust and loyalty. We therefore attach great importance to acting in a manner that is dedicated, honest and true to our word in every respect. Both for those of you who use our products and those of you who enter into other types of business relationships with Cavi·art®.

For the same reason, we are always open to long-term partnerships with people and businesses that are ready to share. Both knowledge and values.

We make it easy to create sensory food experiences with sustainable seaweed-based products. We believe in innovation and tradition – inspiration and creativity.

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Case 1: Heinz Ketchup Caviar

In 2019 we were contacted by Heinz in connection with their 150 year anniversary. They wanted to develop a special product for Valentines Day 2019. The choice came down in favour of our seaweed pearls, that would contain Heinz ketchup and be part of an exclusive competition with 150 winners. The winners were to go for an English breakfast where the pearls were an important part of the experience.

It all went viral and was seen by over 2 billion people across social media.

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Read more about the case with Heinz

Case 2: Vegiar – vegan tube-caviar

Tube caviar is extremely popular e.g. In Sweden. This type of spread is often made with cod roe, and as the current varieties did not come in a vegan version, we were asked if we would like to enter into a collaboration on a vegan tube caviar.

Thus we began our development, and after trying our cod roe-sized Cavi·art® we managed to come upon the right taste and consistency – the product is now widely available.

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Case 3: Lemon caviar for Labeyrie

Some years ago, the French chain, Labeyrie Fine Foods approached us as they wanted to show how to prepare a special New Year menu. They needed something new and unique that could be combined with their salmon. After close collaboration, we were able to present together a lemon pearl, that tastes great and at the same time provides a beautiful decorative and delicious experience for your dish. The lemon pearl has become one of our most popular products.

The lemon used in our seaweed pearls is from Italy and is a natural fruit juice brought to Denmark. Together with our sustainable seaweed, these ingredients form a beautiful natural yellow pearl, that pops on the tongue and adds a great taste experience to the dish you are serving.

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Case 4: Piping bags with seaweed caviar

Our products are widely used in food service, e.g., as decoration for ‘stjerneskud’ (the shooting star), open sandwiches and other dishes, where roe is used. We were therefore asked by a customer if we could find a solution to improve their handling of the product. They were spending far too much time decorating the dish.

We developed a special recipe for our products that we could pack in piping bags, thus helping our customers reduce their time for handling seaweed caviar by 50%.

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