All restaurants in Europe: Get a free sample of Tosago® – seaweed caviar for sushi

Try our delicious Tosago® – a substitute for masago and tobiko. Perfect for sushi restaurants!

Our products are made from seaweed and are therefore environmentally friendly, sustainable and even vegan – that’s the future!

We offer a free sample containing 500 grams of Tosago – so you can taste and feel our product. Fill out the form we will ship it free of charge.*

*We can only ship to sushi restaurants within EU

5 benefits of using Tosago®

  • Tosago® does not need refrigeration or freezing.
  • The product has a long shelf life.
  • We have stable prices.
  • Security of supply – we don’t run out of raw materials or products.
  • We use only natural colourants!

Impress customers and consumers with this fascinating sustainable choice!

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Tosago® for sushi restaurants & food service

We have developed Tosago® – which can be used 1:1 instead of Tobiko and Masago.

Our seaweed caviar are easy to use as they can be stored at room temperature.

We pack them in 500g cups.

Our products can also be used if you want a more exciting vegan sushi menu.

Want to try Tosago? Get a free sample!

Tosago® in the industry

Tosago® is perfect for large scale production of sushi! It is far better than masago and tobiko.

We can deliver in large containers: 3kg, 5kg and 116kg with long shelf life when stored at 0C to 35C.

It also means that the supermarkets can easily store products with Tosago® at 8 degrees or higher.

No risk of contamination!

We can customise the products to your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a sample to work with!

We will continuously innovate in order to inspire both professional customers and food enthusiasts. Do you have an idea for colour or taste? Contact us, and we will see what we can do

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