Are you part of the European food service industry, food production industry or retail? Get a free sample of kelp caviar from Cavi-Art®

Cavi-Art® is made from seaweed and is the environmentally friendly, vegan alternative to all types of caviar. That’s the “roe” of the future!

Cavi-Art® seaweed caviar is a perfect substitute for regular caviar use within retail, food service, and food production. Fill out the form and get a free sample* of one of our varieties, so you can see and taste for yourself.

And if the great taste and look of Cavi-Art® isn’t enough, here are 5 more benefits:

  • Cavi-Art® has a long shelf life
  • The products does not need to be refrigerated or frozen
  • The prices are low and stable
  • You get security of supply – we never run out of raw materials
  • We only use natural colourants.

Get ready to be impressed – and to impress your customers and consumers with a environmentally conscious choice!

*We only ship samples within EU. 

Would you like to try our products? Fill out the form and get a free sample

Cavi-Art® for food service, food production, and retail

Cavi-Art® can be your 1:1 alternative to all types of caviar.

Whether you focus on convenience, sustainability, expanding your vegan options, or price, Cavi-Art® should be your first choice.

Want to try Cavi-Art®? Get a free sample!

Do you want to get creative with Cavi-Art®?

Our kelp caviar is not merely used as normal caviar – at Cavi-Art® we encourage creativity and finding alternative ways to use our product.

See some of the inspiring ways to use Cavi-Art® here.

Because Cavi-Art® is all about innovation, we also love to get involved in your product development projects, where our knowledge, insights, and passion can help you go from concept to finished product and delighted customers and consumers.

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